Way back when……


Awww My little ladies back in 2014. I am truly blessed with 2 girls and 2 boys and this is the first and last dress pattern I have attempted using a structured fabric (my recent makes have all been Jersey to suit my decreasing waist line)

The pattern was New Look 6202 and I wanted to make some petty dresses for my girls to wear at my sisters wedding.

Oh If I knew then what I did now I would not have committed so many dress making sins!!

Firstly I CUT, yes I said cut the pattern. oh the horror!! I decided I was really clever and would make the bigger size first and then cut out the smaller. Shamefully not realising at the time that dress pattern lines run in different places and cross over,Oh well the deed was done and they still fit pretty good.

Only down side to this is I could only make the little size or smaller again.

When I had completed my pattern with a very, very shabby zip insertion which by the way I convinced myself was fine (first attempt and all plus I was too scared to rip out the zip in case I caused more harm than good) I brought a pretty bolero shrug cardigan to go over the top and hide them. Job done!

I showed off my makes to my wonderful mother in law who had spotted and kindly pointed out I had inserted the zip on the wrong side!!! No, no I can’t have I read the pattern and I knew I was in the right until…… I decided to go back and read the pattern again. this time with a bit more knowledge and a few You Tube videos under my belt! I re read those instructions and yes I had in fact inserted the zip on the wrong side.

Do you know what though from those first dressmaking ‘mistakes’ it really did not matter. my girls got compliments at the wedding, they had a whale of a time twirling and you know what they wore them again an again, in my eyes that is a win win.

I still have a sense of pride when I look at this photo as faults and all my girls looked gorgeous and you know what.. I did good.

Kelly x

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