Love a good blanket

I wanted to Crochet for such a long time but I just could not get to grips with the hook or how to hold the yarn. I had already ‘mastered’ knitting, well when I say ‘mastered’ I really mean I can make a knit stitch and a purl stitch! Drop a stitch and oh my I break out in a cold sweat….. still not 100% sure what I am doing when I fix it but it seems to work (most of the time).

Anyhow I’m going off on a tangent so what I really wanted was a crochet blanket of my own to snuggle up under.

My journey to becoming a crocheter started in 2013 when I was pregnant with baby number 4 we took the kiddos on a trip to the local Library, while they were happy playing on the train library bookcase searching out new books under Mr Crusic’s watchful eye. I took the opportunity to nip into the craft section and had a look at the ‘how to’ crochet books. It is here I had a lovely conversation with a lady about crochet and my desire to learn how to make gorgeous blankets.

She suggested I take a look at the Attic 24 website, saying it was such a lovely read and I would find it helpful and inspiring, so later that day I stopped by and took a look.


What an inspiration of colour, ideas and gorgeous crochet-ness.  Lucy who writes the blog takes the most beautiful photo’s and gives really clear instructions. I had a feeling one day I would be able to crochet!  The Attic 24 blog is a little part of the web I like to visit often it is always nice to have a browse around whilst enjoying a cup of tea. wp-1488717011248.jpg

So when my little man was only 17 days old and constantly enjoyed afternoon naps on my chest (oh how I miss those days) I had the desire and determination to learn how to crochet. I would sit on the sofa with my trusty phone propped up next to me with a You Tube tutorial playing and this is how I learnt to crochet a Granny square with my snuggly, snoozing little man for company.

Woohoo!!!! Here it is my first Granny square, in all it’s primary colour glory!

The more I practised the better I got and I started a love affair with a yarn brand called Stylecraft Special DK. Lucy from Attic 24 raved about it so it had to worth a try. There are so many wonderful colours in the range ’82 in fact’ I believe some new colours are being realised next month (ekkk!). It is a  great value yarn, easy to work with and the added bonus of being soft and cosy. You can even tumble dry on low …… big bonus as all my littlies like to have there blankets on their beds at all times!

So below is the tower of blankets we currently have in our home and one on the hook as I type this. They all get put to daily use (especially this time of year) and I look forward to sharing more makes with you soon.



Kelly x