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What an exciting morning…. well for me anyway!

Sewing and Crochet are such big things in my life! I love being a Mummy and a Wife and am so proud of my family, however my crafting gives me a personal sense of achievement .  Whether that is from wearing a garment I have made, which makes me feel good or, the excitement my children have when wearing something I have made them.

Too even chatting with my Mother in Law yesterday and her telling me how much she loves her Spring Meadow blanket I made her for mothers day!  Bless her heart, since I gave her the blanket last month any friends she has met up with have been invited to her house just to see her blanket. it did make me feel warm and tingly inside when she told me!

Anyway back to this morning…..

Just before leaving the house for school run, an email arrived in my inbox from Girl Charlee. These emails come out every Friday talking about new fabrics coming onto the website (There is also a great one on a Tuesday with a tutorial using knits!) and this morning it also included their April KNITPICKS. I nearly fell over when in the picture collage there was a picture of ME!!!!!!!!!

Knitpicks 04
Source: Girl Charlee blog – Can’t quite believe I got selected, I am among some very talented people here!


I was so chuffed I was smiling all the way to school. I quickly rang my mother in law and husband to tell them! Then practically pounced on my gorgeous crafty friend to tell her all about my email before she even had chance to get out of the car! ‘Sorry Lucy!

Hacci Knit
This is me!! Next time I take a selfie I am going to check the floor behind me!


So with this exciting discovery and a boost to my sewing confidence I have decided to jump over to the So Zo what do you know? blog and have signed up for Me Made May 2017.  So I will be showcasing my items on social media under #MMMay17.

So here is the pledge I have made.

‘I, Kelly, @crusicroom IG and newbie blogger, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’17. I endeavour to wear 1 item each day for the duration of May 2017′ I have a very limited ‘knit inspired’ wardrobe but during May I plan to make a pinafore dress which will use darts, invisible zip and button holes!! This is a massive leap (for me) into dress making with woven fabrics. really looking forward to seeing everybody’s makes.

The dress I am talking about is the Freja dress which I got with Simply Sewing magazine (Issue 26.) I have had my eye on the Cleo from Tilly and the Buttons (which I will make at a later date- aiming for Autumn when I have been a good girl on my healthy living plan!!). I have chosen the Freja dress as I thought the A-line skirt on this pattern would suit my curvier figure rather than the straight pinafore version.  I am fabric shopping for this tomorrow (poor hubby and the little people!). I can’t wait to dive into making it although I am petrified It will go wrong so keep your fingers crossed for me!

How cute is this dress! source: Simply Sewing

So goodbye for now.

Enjoy the long weekend if you are here in the UK

Kelly x


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