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I made a Coco or two….. ok then I made three!!

Until a couple of weeks ago I had only really attempted PDF patterns from U.S Indie pattern houses.

I have loved the process of learning to sew with knit fabric and using these patterns again and again, Several are definite firm favourites in my wardrobe. That being said I had not realised how much more I had to learn until I started my first ‘printed pattern’ the Tilly and the Buttons Coco.

Here we go!!

So excited to finally have the confidence to tackle this I opted for the dress version and I took a chance with the pattern length.  I am not blessed with a perfect pair of pins so in future I will be adding an extra inch or two to the length although, it is still a very wearable dress (or tunic) with a thick pair of tights or some leggings so no biggie here.

The fabric I used was this gorgeous Vintage Rose in Pale Peppermint. It is a double layered ponte weight double-knit jersey from Fabworks Mill. I was lucky enough to get my hands on it during the flash sale over the mothering Sunday weekend. A lovely present from my husband and the little peeps.

Happy Post!!!

So I traced out my pattern pieces in a size 8 (I can not wait to start moving down the sizes!!). Cut out my pattern and sewed it up during one of my kiddo free school days. I liked the tip about using ribbon to stabilise the shoulder seam it made perfect sense to me. I then remembered seeing clear elastic in RTW (ready to wear) tops. I have some sitting in my stash so will use this in future. The turned under neckline went well and I was pleased with my top stitching.

So now it was time to add in the sleeves and I hit a problem, well a MINI MELTDOWN moment to be precise I only had one sleeve that fit, what had I done?

The tops I have made in the past have either been dolman style or Henley style for the kiddos and my sleeves have always been cut on the fold or cuffed at the end of the dolman. I cut out a total of 6 yes I said 6 sleeves before I got it right!!! I kept forgetting to mirror them. I learnt a lot about armscye being different on the front and back of tops that day.  This was so utterly frustrating. Luckily I had 3 meters of fabric to play around with, so lots of room (for error) to learn.

A few of the patterns I had previously made did not state pattern layouts for cutting so I had been use to finding the most economical way to use my fabric. In future I will read all patterns thoroughly (several times!!)!

I do have an overlocker at home which I love to bits but this was a new seam allowance for me at 5/8 inch previously working with a 1/2″. I decided to stitch it all on my new sewing machine and give the process my full attention and take it nice and easy. I enjoyed every stitchy second of it (minus the meltdown)! It also gave me lots of practise on my new Pfaff… Oh I love my new sewing machine!!

Was so excited to get a pic I did not bother with make up…. soz!

My thoughts about the pattern are only complementary….. Love the packaging and the high quality paper used to print the pattern on. The pattern booklet is glorious! Full of colour photos and step by step instructions. Perfect for me who is a very visual learner I have looked at my other tissue paper patterns and feel a bit like I have pattern dyslexia. I’m sure this is just a case of getting use to it.

I loved my Coco so much when I finished it. I made myself the top version that very evening including the funnel neck and cuff sleeves, out of the same fabric!! So even with my many sleeves cock up’s I still had plenty of fabric left.

Just love the funnel neckline channelling my 60’s chic.

I even made a matching headband  but hey why not!!

This Headband is far cheaper than a trip to the hairdressers as it easily covers my grey!

I adore wearing both and feel like a million dollars. Which for someone who has been suffering with low self esteem of late it is wonderful feeling. I have the pride knowing I now in fact can make my own clothes and feel pretty darn amazing wearing them too.

In fact I went on to make another one in Pink and white stripes…. I suggest you only look at it when slightly tipsy as the stripes are not quite straight.

IMG_20170505_090715_740So until next time

Kelly  x


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