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I’m still here!

Hey Everyone,

It has been a very long time since I last wrote on my little blog. I have been busy knitting and crocheting. I am in the process of putting a little blog post together about some of my creations.

However……. my Dressmaking journey had taken a far too comfy position in the back seat. I made a few things in the summer last year where the fit was just off and it had a huge knock on effect with my confidence. Couple that with the fact my anxiety and depression decided to kick in, I just could not get myself going again for the fear of failing. I have made a few cocos in that time as they are a simple make and look really good but you can only blog about that a number of times before being boring!

So moving forward and to get myself out of this rut I reached out to our local Mental Health support network in December last year.  I have been working through a program called Behavioural Activation which is all about placing a manageable routine back into your life and filling it with essential, routine and ‘fun’ activities to lift your mood and make everyday life easier.

I signed up to a swimming challenge last September last year and swam 22 miles during 2 weeks which I was super proud of. A few days after completing the challenge I took a trip down the the stairs in the middle of the night which resulted in a badly sprained ankle and a chipped ankle bone too so that saw the end of my swimming for a bit but I have now geared myself up and am ready to get back in the pool. My kit bag is packed and ready to go Yay!

I have made really good progress so far and my low mood has definitely lifted. I have started to reach out to friends again as it was far to easy to stay home than making the effort to go out.

I reorganised my craft space last weekend so I am no longer overwhelmed by my stash. Thanks to Ikea for the Kallax system and I have also treated myself to a new trestle desk to make cutting out so much easier.

So going back to my Behavioural activation course it dawned on me this morning that one of those ‘fun’ activities was my little blog so here I am ready to share my joy of making again.

I’m sorry this post may seem a little bleurgh but I just felt the need to explain where I have been. Posts moving forward will be up beat and fun I promise.

Oh and I have put my Sewing machine ‘Betty’ in for a service so she is ready for everything I throw at her when the kiddos go back to school after the Easter Break here in the UK.

Until next time

Kelly x


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