About me


Hi I’m Kelly, A 30 something  wife, mum of 4 and a huge lover of yarn and fabric I can’t help but stroke all the pretties!
The Crusic room is the smallest room in our house which I share with my husband’s office and his vinyl collection; Hence where the word Crusic came from – crafts and music.

I watched a little You Tube video back in 2010 and learnt how to knit myself a frilly scarf using fancy yarn. I now have 3 frilly scarfs and still wear them on a chilly day. Since then I have learnt to sew and crochet and became well and truly hooked on creating pretty things whenever I get the chance.

I am not a professional,  I have taught myself most things via You Tube but this year when my youngest goes to school in September, I will have the opportunity to take my skills to the next level to build on my knowledge and create myself a me made wardrobe. I intend to do some dressmaking courses online and in local stores so someone can hold my hand along the way.

My little blog is going to be my space to share these adventures including the victories and potential failures and hopefully some of you more knowledgeable dressmakers out there can help me out if I get stuck!

Thank you for reading a little bit about me I look forward to getting to know you.

Kelly x


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